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The EAA 180 Board of Directors meet the first Tuesday of each month in the McClure Auditorium at 7:00 pm.  All EAA180 members are welcomed to join us.  In addition, you may email us by clicking on the Email Me! link below or calling us at any time.



Gary is a CFI and is ATP rated in airplanes and helicopter rated. Retired from the Illinois Division of Aeronautics and a contract FAA airport inspector, he now enjoys flying his 1982 Varga Kachina and volunteering in the community. Our Chapter 180 Young Eagles and Teen Build projects are his favorites and he invites you to join us and discover for yourself the camaraderie, friendships, and fulfillment you can have as a member of our chapter.



Jeff is the EAA Chapter 180 Vice President and Membership Coordinator.  He has been an active part of the EAA180 since 2014.  If you have any questions regarding membership, please feel free to contact Jeff.  We would be excited to have you join us! 

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Ric serves as the EAA Chapter 180 Treasurer and also serves as an active mentor in the Teen Build program.  Ric is a pilot and lifelong flight enthusiast and is actively involved in student relations and participation.  Ric has owned and operated several companies in Sarasota and has impressive civic experience including Chairman of Sarasota Junior Achievement program, Sarasota Police Department civilian volunteer, and Sailing Instructor for Sarasota Red Cross.  



Chip oversees the EAA Chapter 180 Young Eagles (YE) program.  He has been a member of the EAA 180 since 2003 and has served as the YE coordinator since 2009.  Chip is a Sarasota native and retired Sarasota firefighter/paramedic. He holds a private pilot certification, loves old VWs and has been happily married for 21 years to MaryAnne Chancey, also a Sarasota native.



Jaime serves as the EAA Chapter 180 Secretary.  An aviation enthusiast and Private Pilot, Jaime joined the EAA180 in April 2018 when he relocated to Sarasota after spending 22 years around the world helping patients while working for Bristol Myers Squibb.  Jaime wanted to serve on the EAA180 BOD as he is an admirer of how EAA members support each other while having fun and enjoys participating in the various EAA180 programs.

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