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RV12iS - Purchase Pending


The EAA180 Teen Build organization, the Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota (TAFM), is currently working on their third RV-12 airplane - an RV12iS.  Estimated completion is Fall 2020.  Inquire now to pick the paint color!


This is the latest RV12 design with some of the new benefits described below:

  • Choice of fuel-injected Rotax engine: increased fuel economy, reduced maintenance, more power and torque, additional electrical power capacity.

  • Pilot benefits:  No carburetor heat or icing concerns, no manual leaning required. 

  • Baggage capacity increase to 75 lbs.

  • Redesigned cowl provides better cooling and easier install/de-install.

  • Dual USB power connection.

  • Quick adjust seat backs.

  • Horizontal stabilizer fiberglass tips.

  • Redesigned fuel tank has same 20 gallon capacity, but increased functionality.

If you are thinking of buying or building a Light Sport aircraft, consider having the TAFM build it for/with you. As part of our mission to introduce teens to aviation, the TAFM brings experienced builder expertise, hangar space and tooling, free labor, transition training and ongoing support.​​

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