Aircraft for Sale

RV-8 Parts for Sale

EAA Chapter 180’s Adult Build group has finished building an RV-8 project and it has been sold.  We have extra components acquired and built as part of this project over the last few years.  We have:

  1. Left fuel tank and aileron.  The spar and flap were scrapped due to damage.  That’s a complete set of fuel tanks which are complete and not leaking.  This can save someone a lot of time working with Pro Seal.  Asking $500 fuel tank, $200 left aileron.

  1. Repairable right wing including flap, aileron, and fuel tank.  The spar and structure are good.  It appears to need 2 skins, 2-3 ribs, and the wing tip replaced before being ready to mount.  Asking $500 without fuel tank; $1,000 with fuel tank.


All parts are in Sarasota Florida and available now to help advance your project.

If you are interested in more information, click here to email us!


Thatcher CX4 Kit


This kit includes:

  • 4 cyl AeroVee engine (still in the crate)

  • landing gear

  • wheel pants

  • wheels & brakes

  • fiberglass cowling & wing tips

  • foot pedals

  • control cables

  • prop spinner

  • wheel pants

  • ribs

  • bulkheads

  • wing spars

  • skins

  • all rivets & fasteners

  • detailed plans and assembly instructions. 


What’s a Thatcher CX4?  Click here to learn more.


Contact Jim Faix for more info on this kit:


Cost: $7,500


If you are thinking of buying or building a Light Sport aircraft, consider having the TAFM build it for/with you. As part of our mission to introduce teens to aviation, the TAFM brings experienced builder expertise, hangar space and tooling, free labor, transition training and ongoing support.​​

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